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Our annual dragon boat festival is now the new and imporved DONGOLA BOAT RACE. It will still be a day filled with excitement, fun and lots of boat racing along the River Soar.  Come on give it a try - see our new website!

Event AddressBoat House Pub, Barrow upon Soar LE12 8PN
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Seriously Soar Dragon Boat Festival in Barrow upon Soar


 No experience is necessary, and practically anyone can participate. Full safety briefings and shore-side instruction will be provided before anyone goes on the water. Then, each team will have at least three dragon boat races each to include training, practice and a timed race (with rest periods between races).

We will provide a full running professional commentary and p.a. coverage throughout the day – ensuring a smooth programme and a vibrant atmosphere! Finally, trophies and/or medals will be given to the winning and runner-up teams.

Please read:

1.  Safety A full safety briefing will be given by a qualified helm to teams prior to the start of racing and everyone who intends to participate will need to attend this.

2. Equipment. Everybody in a dragon boat will wear a buoyancy aid provided. One safety boat will be on standby, the teams most vulnerable to capsizing are teams that do not pay attention during their briefing!. If the canal is too shallow for a RIB, any rescues may be carried out from the land instead.

3. First Aid. We will have  First Aid trained and qualified people to hand.  A mobile phone will be kept on standby at Event Control in the case of emergencies, we also have de-fib equipment and trained staff.

4. Races. Each race is timed and every team will be given three (weather permitting) races during the event. The team's fastest time over the three races is then used for potential qualification into the final round.

5. Prizes. Medals will be issued to 1st, 2nd or 3rd place teams with a Trophy for the 1st place team

6. Competitors. No previous experience of Dragon Boat Racing is necessary, but all able bodied competitors must be comfortable in water and capable of swimming 25 metres with the aid of the buoyancy aid,  there is a minimum age please e mail for more details.

7. Team Registration. All team members will have to register and make us aware  if they: (a) suffer from chest pains or shortness of breath; (b) They have heart trouble; (c) Have high or low blood pressure (d) have fainting or dizzy spells; (e) have undergone a recent operation; (f) suffer from bone or joint problems such as arthritis, spinal injury, etc........ Fitness to compete will be assessed by the helm  with the final authority resting with the Event Manager. If anyone is in any doubt about their fitness to participate, the organisers  must be consulted prior to undertaking dragon boat racing.

Waiver Forms will be available on the day at registration, and beforehand on request. Note that names and contact information required for insurance purposes will not be disclosed to any third parties.

8. Lateness Please note that anyone who hasnt registered or attends the safety briefing will not be allowed on the water.

9. Special Needs. Provision is made for participants who register as having special needs, who will have to sign (or have signed on their behalf by an appropriate person) a Disabled Waiver Form. All special needs participants must be able to sit unaided in a dragon boat, be capable of obeying instructions given by their helm both on and off the water, and be comfortable in deep water whilst wearing the personal flotation device provided. They will not be required to be able to swim 25 metres, but must be escorted by an able bodied “buddy” who they are capable of communicating with and who will be briefed as to their duties. Disabled Waiver Forms will be available on the day at registration, and beforehand on request.

10. At Risk Participants. For health and safety reasons due any participant requested to do so by their helm or event organiser must wear a hi-vis tabard which will be provided. Those individuals will be prioritised in the event of a rescue or other emergency

11. Insurance. The Company complies with all industry standards and is fully covered for in-surance purposes whilst staging its events and activities

12. Clothing and personal requirements. It is recommended that participants bring a change of clothes, and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, such as wet water shoes or old trainers, tracksuit top and bottoms or shorts and t-shirts,lightweight cagoule that is both waterproof and also windproof. It is not advisable to bring valuables, especially onto the water (including phones and car key fobs) –  anyone does so entirely at their own risk!

13. Drinking Water. Please note that you will need plenty of drinking water throughout the day!

14. Alcohol. Alcohol and water don’t mix, so in the interests of safety please note that if anyone is deemed to be over the safe alcohol limit, in the opinion of a helm or event organiser then that individual will not be permitted to participate - Our decision is FINAL

15. And Finally  listen to your helm, who are all experienced in  dragon boating and are there to help. If everyone works in sync together, then faster times can be achieved. However, it only takes one or two people in the boat to get out of time and stop paddling for the boat to start slowing down. Most people participating will be complete novices and will not have done this before. The atmosphere, excitement and energy of a dragon boat festival is a unique and fun experience.

Please note LWA would like all team sponsorship on race day - thank you

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